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Pernille Corydon

Bellis Earsticks GP

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As nature awakens from its winter slumber, delicate flowers emerge from the cold soil, heralding the arrival of spring. Inspired by one of the earliest messengers of this season, the charming Bellis Earsticks capture the essence of this timeless moment.

Do you recall the childhood game of Loves Me, Loves Me Not, where you plucked petals from flowers to reveal your heart's desires? The Bellis jewelry carries the whispers of your secret wishes and dreams, woven into its elegant design.

Wear these Earsticks discreetly, holding your innermost wishes close, or gift them to someone dear to you as a symbol of love and hope. Let the Bellis Earsticks serve as a reminder that dreams have the power to blossom and flourish, just like the flowers of spring.

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12 mm